Making Your Writing Weakness into a Writing Strength

Making Your Writing Weakness into a Writing Strength

It’s only natural for people to try to cover up their weaknesses. We do it every day in fact. By getting organizing and planning, checking the mirror multiple times before leaving the house, and by ensuring we look our absolute best we emphasize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses. But when you’re talking about the art of creative writing, covering up the flaws that we have can actually keep us from meeting our full potential.
Who doesn’t want to improve their writing skills, especially when they participate in a form of entertainment that is based entirely in a world of words. It’s no small feat doing what we do; each member of the Fleet tackles a new obstacle each day with only a single weapon at their side – words. From time travel to Romulan battleships that really want to shoot you out of the sky, there are numerous things to overcome within our sims, but we can only use words to overcome them.
With this in mind, it’s easy to see why improving our writing and turning those writing based weaknesses into strengths is so important. Thankfully, actually doing this isn’t that difficult either. In fact, Write to Done knows that many people want to succeed in the use of their words, so they’ve created a very helpful list of ways that you can do just that. Don’t let your writing downfalls hinder the amazing depth that you and your character can bring to the game – transform your weakness into strength and boldly go where no one has gone before!

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