Lower Decks: LtJG William Tindall

Lower Decks: LtJG William Tindall

Today on the  Embassy/ Thunder Hotseat is one of the security officers: LtJG William Tindall and Dave the SAR dog!
Welcome Mr. Tindall and Dave!
Thank you, say hello Dave.
Your duties include security, but you are also a SAR with the K-9 Corps. Could you explain your role?
My role with the canine squad is primary search and rescue the dogs are also trained for bomb searches and are used whenever tricoders are not effective. I feel there better than any tricorder.
I understand you are married, can you tell us about your wife?
Tess and I are childhood sweethearts. There was never anyone else. We broke up while at the Academy. But; last year while I was on home leave we fell in love and got married.
What was the most interesting event in your life thus far?
The birth of my children
How does being a new father feel?
Surreal at the moment, but I know the kids are fighters.
I understand that you were a marine, what made you change?
You got me mixed up with my brother. Patrick.
Forgive me, I’m still learning about the crew, being newly assigned to the Thunder. What else did you study at the Academy?
I studied security and tactical.
How do you find life on the ship different from Academy life?
No more studying for exams. Nothing changed I still the thorn in my chief’s side.
Do you have any hobbies?
Earth history, give me a holo novel about the British Royal Navy and I will be there for hours. Even better with the safeties off. I’m partial to a game of poker if I get the chance.
Can you tell us more about your family?
I’m from a military family. I have eighteen brother and sisters, we all multiple births. And we all went into Starfleet. We grew up on Bruin outpost. The Academy was out first real experience of earth. Most of us have the Tindall love of pranks except my brother Alan. He will be the first to reach Admiral. He lives and dreams Starfleet, and he is the only one to stick to the regs like glue. ::with a smile:: I wonder if the Captain would like to trade, a know it all for a prankster. Only kidding.
In closing, what is the most important thing in your career that guides you?
My parents and my honorary grandmother. She gave me an understanding of the Klingon culture. She was my dad’s CO and mentor, then later becoming a close family friend.
Thank you very much Mr. tindall and congratulations on the new additions to your family.

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