Lower Decks: Lieutenant JG Vid-Lotilija

Lower Decks: Lieutenant JG Vid-Lotilija

In this edition of the the Lower Decks, we’re going to meet someone that has a home grown foundation for her character, and created one that not only represents one of the most inspirational persons in her life, but also drives her to achieve both in and out of character. Forged from the inspiration of her loving, caring and tough [OOC] grandmother, LTJG Vid-Lotilija is proving more and more resourceful as her tour of duty continues forth. Let’s take a look shall we?
Let’s start with the brains behind the operation; the wrtier for Vid-Lotilija is Sadiha, or Sada as we often call her on the Apollo. She had a bit of a different drive when applying to become a member of UFOP:SB118. Even in her love of Star Trek, having learned as much as she could from books and movies, along with TV and internet sources, joining the fleet was a calculated move on her part in order to give her some valuable life skills. She says, “I joined to learn English, really lame reason, I know. Croatia is entering EU next year and my job requires better grip of the language. Going to classes is not enough, I saw little improvement from them, so guessed something that would keep me more active is in order. ” Lame is hardly the word to describe it. What a better way to nail three or four birds with one stone. But it wasn’t all easy. Training would prove to be an experience for the Ensign.
Training began simply enough, but as time wore on, she found that it was increasingly harder to keep tags in line and in check. Having to remember who was tagged, or what someone’s name was was starting to overwhelm the Ensign. She was even reluctant to ask for help; “My biggest problem in training was tagging people. I knew who had what position, but it was still a huge problem asking for input from anyone”.  The writing style often throws some writers as well. Its the collaboration part and tagging that places a spanner in the works for most cadets. ” I was writing before, but never with somebody and in a way to seek help from another character/writer. I’m still afraid of writing something so badly wrong that people will laugh at me. Or misunderstanding what is written so bad to answer something that is completely meaningless.” No worries ma’am, you’re doing just fine! You’re making some serious progress on the path you lead now.
But even progress has its limits. The LTJG is only slated to progress to LtCmdr status. “Vid-Lotilija is not a character for command. When I was creating her I had no idea how this Fleet functions and made a character I expected will be fun to write. She is, she’s such a joy. I know she can be an annoying little bugger, but she is everything I don’t dare to be. This can be marked as an important mark for any character or writer, as knowing just how much you wish to take on can dictate how things will go for you in the future. Command may not always be the way to go. But as far as her current assignment – Science Officer aboard the USS Apollo – she seems to be making a place for herself, and she was asked for some thoughts on the topic: “Oh, I love Apollo. Writers are nice and funny and command approachable and helpful in everything. I’m still finding my place, but this is absolutely where I want to be, to stay for a long time. ” It sounds like LTJG Vid-Lotilija has found a great place to start for herself, or maybe even a great place to stay, but either way, she is proving herself as a resourceful young science officer, and as a friend to her crew. Carry on Lieutenant!

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