June Plot Summary: Starbase 118 Ops

June Plot Summary: Starbase 118 Ops

Shore leave ended abruptly with the noticed of a ship discovered by the USS Avicenna within the Epsilon Gamma XIII nebula.  The USS Calgary, discovered within the nebula, apparently had been lost four years ago.  There were two survivors, who told a tale of aliens attacking and killing the rest of the crew.  The Avicenna towed the Calgary to SB118 for a deeper investigation.  The crew’s initial evaluation lead to an increasing believe that the ship hadn’t been in combat as described.
Meanwhile, a probe of the minds of one of the survivors left one of the doctors in a catatonic state.  An away team was sent to the Calgary to investigate further, only to discover odd disappearances occurring to those on the ship.  As the investigation continued, those who’d been on the ship longest began displaying erratic behaviors, as well as a message from the FO stating he’d been on the ship for a year.  This was especially odd, as the FO was present when the message was received.  The crew was pulled off the Calgary to be checked out in sickbay, and take stock of the situation.
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