July Plot Summary: USS Drake

July Plot Summary: USS Drake

The mission to the former Jetkim republic was concluded successfully with the announcement of the new government’s intention to hold open and free elections. Leaving the support of the fledgling democracy to the Diplomatic Service the crew of the USS Drake 1987 head off to their next mission and a spot of shore leave.
On route Cmdr Rogers holds a promotion and awards ceremony where the CMO Dantin Vex is promoted to full Lieutenant  and the entire crew is awarded the Peacekeepers Service Ribbon in recognition of their outstanding effort in the Jetkim Imperium.
A tourist promotional holo program is played for the crew highlighting the many activities available on the Shard Worlds of Ishkara and upon arrival the crew wasted no time in exploring this fascinating system.
The Ishkarian home system is a dizzying array of shards in orbit around a star. Some shards are huge, easily the size of a small moon. Many are protected by vast force fields that hold in an atmosphere and are covered by grasslands, verdant forests and even  small seas. Still others are vast open cut mines with a multitude of small mining vessels busy extracting the rare metal and mineral deposits laid bare by the destruction of the planets.  While Major Whale leads a diehard group from the SAR unit on a hair-raising rescue training mission others of the crew prepare for the upcoming weddings amongst the members of the Medical Department.
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