January Plot Summary: USS Mercury

January Plot Summary: USS Mercury

The USS Mercury NCC-99812 has been assigned a temporary Cardassian liaison officer, Gul Kerena Vetak, who has been assigned to observe the way that a Federation starship crew conducts missions of exploration. A lucky find in the form of a dilithium-rich asteroid close to the Cardassian border initially raised questions as to why it had not been previously mined, but with Gul Vetak’s approval granted, a mining survey was undertaken, and an away team was sent down to the asteroid’s surface to begin mining operations. With many of the Mercury’s crew now on the surface of the asteroid, the procedure should have been routine.
However, the crew remaining on the Mercury now find themselves cut off from their away team, who are experiencing terrifying visions of memories past. Lieutenant (j.g.) Scott Reed had to be stunned after he believed he saw armed Cardassians preparing to attack the away team and reacted violently. Lieutenant Sky Blake began to follow the same path before being talked down by Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker. Meanwhile, Ensign Misha Yates and the rest of the away team are struggling to understand exactly who, or what, are causing these visions, as Yates claims to be able to sense the presence of “guardians”, who seem none too pleased at the presence of intruders.
With three dissident Hideki-class ships on their way to intercept the Mercury and lay down their objections to the treaty with the Federation with their disruptors, the chances of survival for the away team look bleak…
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