If You Want to Write Better – Listen

If You Want to Write Better – Listen

Often, when we think about making our writing better at Starbase 118, we think that it takes a lot of reading. What we don’t understand is that we can learn an awful lot from listening. These days, technology allows us the gift of sharing our experience with others without ever having to actually write a word. Instead, we can make use of a new tool; the Podcast.
With so many resources out there that all claim to give your writing a new, and sharper, edge, it might be difficult to uncover the ones that are not only good for you, but useful as well. It can be frustrating to spend your limited writing time scouring the net for tools and helpful information about writing creatively, which is the reasoning behind Joel Lee’s compilation of 6 Must-Listen Podcasts for Novelists, Screenwriters, and Storytellers. From short, fifteen minute, regularly released shows, to less-than-regularly released insights, there is something for everyone in this short list.
And while you may not have the time to listen to all of the podcasts on the list, you can take them with you unlike any time in history before. Load one up on your iPod, cell phone, or other mobile device, and learn more about writing no matter where you are or what you are doing.

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