Getting the Best Out of Your Sims – Part 5

Getting the Best Out of Your Sims – Part 5

In the final segment of Lieutenant JG Blackwood’s Guide to Better Simming, she takes us to a few locations where you can find help if you need it. One of the things that makes Starbase 118 such a wonderful place to sim is the fact that we do have resources and long time members who are always willing to go out of their way to help where it is needed. Whether it is a graphic for your character, or a simple answer to your questions, it is a good idea to know where to go when you need help.
Lieutenant JG Blackwood has compiled multiple locations that provide various answers to almost any question you could possibly come up with. Take a look and keep this list handy so you know you are never alone in character, or out.

5) Where to find more help
Learn by example. Read the Top Sim entries critically and see what it is the others are doing that makes their writing good enough to get nominated. When you read something you enjoy think a moment about what you like about it… good descriptions? humor? respectable technobabble? Think about how you can use this (technique) to improve your own sims.
Have a look at the writers workshop – click in to any of the news articles that seem interesting to get the link to the main feature. There are articles on character development, where to find good, free writing resources and much more.
There are guild forums where you can discuss the joys, challenges of writing for specific things and share ideas – and socialise!
# Guild of Readers – telepathic/empathic characters.
# Lambda Alliance – LGBT characters.
# Guild of Vulcans – Vulcans
You can also get specific help/ideas and inspiration for simming your duty post from various places too!
Duty Post Forums – Meet other people who have the same duty post, share ideas and have some laughs.
Academy Resources – Find out what your duty post responsibilities are, what equipment you can expect to be working with, simming tips and ideas and notable characters.
Duty Post Responsibilities – Links to specific pages for each duty post. For refresher purposes remember there is the Cadet Section of the main website, with drop-down menus leading to a lot of tutorials.
Finally, if all else fails Poke the seniors. (aka department chief/first officer/captain etc.) they are always happy to help where they can.
Read the guide in its entirety on the forums:

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