Forums Roundup: September 2012

Forums Roundup: September 2012

September is upon us, and so too is the 2012 Summer (Fall) Blockbuster! In this month’s forums roundup, you’ll find some new stuff going on, including some special threads that have been set up so that the many members of the Fleet who are involved in the Blockbuster can interact with each other on various levels.  And remember, there is so much more going on that we can’t mention here, so be sure to take a minute to check out the forums and get involved today!
* New this month: The Klingons are invading the Romulan Empire! Starfleet ships are taking part in various roles, working together to respond to the growing menace. There’s a special thread set up for information regarding the different events and transitional moments that you can either participate in, or just read, located here:
* Within that thread are a number of topics that you can jump into. The logbook is available to anyone who wants to create a log entry to outline the various events going on aboard their ship: You can contact someone on another ship involved in the plot by using the subspace communicator: Join in the OOC conversation here:, and get information from the official reports here:
* The Featured Bio contest is still ongoing. If you’ve seen a great looking wiki bio lately, be sure to nominate it!
* The Publicity Team has recently rebooted! There are now points to be gained and awards to be obtained! Learn more and join the team on the team forum:
And of course, much, much more! Head on over to the Starbase 118 forum boards today and join in the fun!

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