Forums Roundup: May 2012

Forums Roundup: May 2012

It’s a new month, and with it, a lot of new changes. As our Fleet grows, we experience the ups and downs along with the many members who call Starbase 118 their Star Trek and RPG home. Be sure to take a moment and check out some of the changes, as well as some of the events that are going on this month around the Starbase 118 Forums!
This past month we had to say goodbye to the Captain of the USS Mercury. While Captain Tallis Rhul is moving on to bigger and better things in the real world, for which we wish him the best of luck, it means that we no longer have the energy and enthusiasm he brought to the projects that he worked on. Thankfully, officers are stepping up to fill in the void, including our Writing Challenge competition which will now be facilitated by Commander Aron Kells of Starbase 118 Operations. Check out this month’s entries and see what’s new as Commander Kells settles into his new role.
Another change occurring is the handing off of the Top Sims facilitation to Lieutenant Alleran Tan of the USS Avandar. Stop in to the Top Sims forum and welcome him to his new job. Remember to submit the very best sims from your ship, or any ship in the Fleet, to be considered for this Fleetwide honor:
Don’t forget that you can connect with new and old members alike by visiting your ships very own forum. With threads that range from OOC chatter to IC questions that allow you to learn more about the officers you work and sim with, there is plenty to see. Take a moment and stop on by to say hi to your ship or the crew of another! Everyone’s welcome:
Learn more about your duty post by participating in the duty post discussions on our forums. We’ve added an Intelligence forum and conversations are going on across many of the other threads. Jump in and get involved on behalf of your main character or your PNPCs. Your experiences can help others learn to sim their roles better or even offer new ideas to some officers who may feel stuck. You can find all of the duty post threads here:
We’re still looking for help with many of the different programs, projects, and task forces that keep our site and our Fleet as up to date and awesome as it is. Get involved no matter how much, or how little, time you have to spare. There’s something for everyone who wants to help, so check out the list and get involved today!
While April brought many changes to the Fleet, we continue to march on towards a bright summer in May. Be sure to take a minute and get involved on the Forums to connect with other members of the Fleet or to learn something new. There’s lots to find out, all on the Starbase 118 Forums.

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