Forums Roundup: February 2012

Forums Roundup: February 2012

We’re already one whole month into the new year! Can you believe it? It seems like time really is flying, but that’s probably just because we’re having so much fun. A big part of that fun can be seen on the Starbase 118 forums; where people from around the Fleet come together to have fun, chit chat, and show off their skills in various areas. From the ship specific forums, to welcoming new members to the Fleet, make sure that you keep your eye on the following threads for more than your average level of excitement!
The first Writing Challenge of the year is well on its way. There are no submissions yet, but we know there are plenty of keyboards out there getting a workout on this month’s topic: ‘Masks’. Learn more about the challenge for January and February, or find out how to enter here:
New officers are joining every week and the Fleet is growing. Join the welcoming committee by heading over to the welcome thread to say hello to some of our newer officers. It’s a great chance to show new members that we really are one community:
There are tons of Fleet activities that need volunteers. No matter what your talent or interest might be, there is a team or task for everyone. Check out the comprehensive list here:
Looking for something else Starbase 118 related to read? Want to post a story you’ve thought of that doesn’t exactly fit into the plot on your ship? Head on over to the Starbase 118 Lounge and share some free form writing with others from around the Fleet:
This month, we get to see Captain Jaxx and the USS Apollo off on their maiden voyage. Drop in their forum to say hello and wish them bon voyage!
Don’t miss out on the fun going on right now all over the Starbase 118 forums. Jump in, get involved, and become part of the community that really sets this organization ahead of the rest.
Well, until next month, we’ll see you around the forums!

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