Fleet Deployment Report: Starbase 118 Ops

Ship/Facility: Starbase 118
Location: Trinity Sector
Stardate: 238903.06

When Captain Andrus Jaxx receives orders from Starfleet Command recalling him and several other members of the Senior Staff to Utopia Planetia, the crew of Starbase 118 Operations face a major transition. After scrambling to fill positions and giving several promotions, Jaxx officially turns over command of the Starbase to Commander Kalianna Nicholotti on 238902.04, who, in turn, takes LtCmdr. Kevin Breeman as her First Officer.

Only hours after Jaxx’s departure, the Trinity Sector is stricken by a massive wave of energy sent from an unknown source. This wave is tuned to a frequency that takes advantage of a manufacturing level vulnerability in the sub-processors in almost all ships in the area, rendering nearly every ship in the sector blind and defenseless. Luckily, Science Officer Ensign Harold Foster discovered the weakness, later determined to be sabotage, while the crew had been enjoying leave on Echevar. Having made the discovery, the science team came up with a patch,  allowing the Victory to retain functionality in most systems after hit by the wave.

Because of this functionality, they soon discovered a sensor ghost; a massive cloud of metallic projectiles was on a collision course with the station and was due to arrive in under a week. Filled with questions and working to adapt to new positions, the Senior staff prepare for what would be the hardest week of their lives. If they are unable to find a solution, it will be their last.