Finding Something Else in the Search for Your Writing Voice

Do you know what your writing voice is? What does it sound like? Is it able to come out and speak, or do you have to tone it down when you write? We all have a writing voice, though some of us find it difficult to really locate or pin down. We often struggle through one sim or another while we search for the next ‘wave’ of writing inspiration. Unfortunately, actually finding your writing voice is often a task that is not described by the words quick, or easy. As in all things, if it’s worth doing, it takes time, but the journey is usually well worth it.

Sure, there will be times when you have to force yourself to actually sit down and write. This is especially true when you might feel a bit lost in the plot or after a week of illness that has kept you away. It may take some time to find that voice again, but along the way you should relish the other discoveries that you make. Confident Writing has come up with a list of at least 37 things that you might stumble upon when you start the search for your writing voice.

Have you found any of these things along your writing path?

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