February Plot Summary: USS Mercury

February Plot Summary: USS Mercury

Accompanied by Gul Kerena Vetak, a Cardassian observer who continued to fray the nerves of Captain Tallis Rhul and LtCmdr. Hannibal Parker, the USS Mercury NCC-99812 continued to mine a dilithium-rich asteroid on the edge of the Menthar Corridor. However, members of the Away Team began to imagine traumatic experiences from their past, culminating with Lt. Scott Reed firing on the cavern where drilling was taking place, and Lt. Sky Blake shooting at LtCmdr. Parker. A  power drain prevented them using their equipment or contacting the Mercury to advise them of their status.

The Away Team determined that there was a presence on the asteroid that was acting on them telepathically, bringing their most haunting experiences back to life. Lt. Commander Parker split the group, taking telepaths deeper into the caves to find and communicate with the entity. They found the him deep in the caverns. His name was S’Rioue, guardian of the planet Brigolee. S’Rioue claimed there had been a collision, the planet’s inhabitants had been evacuated, and he was safeguarding it for their return. S’Rioue asked them to leave his world and never return before allowing them to contact the Mercury and return to the ship.
Meanwhile, the Mercury was besieged by three Cardassian ships bent on her destruction. Controversy reigned when a sleeper Intelligence operative became involved, but at the crucial moment, Gul Vetak uttered a code which sent the rogue Cardassians packing. Questions were raised about the true reasons for her presence on the ship…

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