February Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder, NCC-70605 continued their mission to assist the Laudeans and the Zalinians regarding the unauthorized cloning of the two races by the Zalkonians who intended to use the five teenage Laudean/Zalinian hybrids for weapons and propulsion experiments.

Forced to board the Zalkonian vessel, Betesh, the crew of the Thunder rescued the last three of the hybrids, bringing all five aboard the Thunder. During a meeting between the hybrids, crew members of the Thunder, the Zalinian king, and a Laudean Fielding expert, Professor Antero Jarvi, one of the hybrids, Chazon, was murdered by Jarvi who feared the hybrids’ combined abilities of Fielding and telekinesis.

Three of the hybrids went with the Zalinian king to Lavon, and the fourth hybrid, Dezon, decided to stay with the woman he knew as his mother, a Zalkonian named Elnor Jell, who requested and was granted asylum by the Federation.

Returning to the Embassy on Duronis II, Jell and Dezon were given quarters at the Embassy, and Jell offered her knowledge and services as an engineer to the Federation. Her request was taken under advisement by Fleet Captain Toni Turner.

At the conclusion of their mission, the crew of the Embassy/Thunder began shore leave on Duronis II, and many members of the crew participated in a beach party following a promotion ceremony. After enjoying volleyball matches, food, and a bonfire, the crew went about their individual shore leave plans.