August Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

August Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

The crew of the Discovery is officially on shore leave on Sigma Iotia II, where new crew relationships are being forged while old ones reinforced. Most of the crew is down on the planet exploring various regions; while some preferred visiting the Living Museum districts to immerse themselves in historical culture, others opted for more outdoorsy experience. Some senior officers even took to exorcising personal demons through less-than-admirable indulgences. However, the crew may be in for a surprise because lieutenant Nickels’ family situation involving illegal smuggling is about to entangle them when Captain Waltas is accosted by a ruthless smuggler in a bar.
Meanwhile, Intel is under a secret assignment from Starfleet to retrieve the tricorder inadvertently left behind by Dr Leonard McCoy in the 23rd century when the Enterprise encountered the pre-warp civilization of Sigma Iotia II. The tricorder contains sensitive information that could threaten the stability of the entire Federation.
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