April Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

The Discovery-C has been dispatched on a mission to search for the missing USS Achilles. The Achilles was on a research mission to Vendra 3 to study a plague outbreak and disappeared during the mission.  Commander Mitchell re-assumed his former post as Chief Tactical Officer, and has been working closely with Lt Rogg to modify a shuttle to survive in the dense atmosphere of Vendra 3.

Meanwhile, the Discovery has also taken aboard a JAG officer, and his special cargo. His special cargo is the comatose serial killer know to the Discovery crew as Zero. Zero had been left on a dead world by the crew of the Discovery years ago after his last attempt on the crew, especially the Captain. During the time the Discovery had been trapped in a Dyson Sphere, Zero had been found by the USS Valiant. Now tests have found Zero’s DNA to have a possible cure for the plague being studied by the Achilles.

The ship is to find the missing Achilles, while convincing Zero if he awakens, to help them in curing the plague.

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