April Plot Summary: Starbase 118 Operations

April Plot Summary: Starbase 118 Operations

With the murder investigation underway by both Starfleet Security and the Romulan Senator Vreeya, Engineering and Science continue to work towards the construction of a special weapon to take out the incoming projectiles. Lt Commander Kevin Breeman works with the Engineering department to develop and design a special shield to deal with the intense radiation that accompanies the weapons and their firing. Both departments board the Victory and work with Tactical to install and calibrate the weapons and the shielding. Commander Kalianna Nicholotti orders the crew to the Victory in preparation for the short flight to the cloud, which is now only three days from hitting the station, to test and ultimately fire the weapon. 
Meanwhile, Senator Vreeya uncovers a strange plot in which a member of Reikara claims to be an Intelligence plant. He offers information on the attacks occurring on colonies in the area, which allows the Defense Fleet to be deployed in response, however, he is also thought to be the mastermind behind the virus that caused the sub processor problem in the first place. The so-called plant is arrested, and brought aboard the Victory to be questioned while Starfleet Security and Intelligence try to trace him. With records that appear to have been deleted at the highest levels, Lieutenant Katy Orman and her team work together to find out just whose side the man is on and what kind of danger they all continue to be in.

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