2012 Simming Fall Festival: Signs of a Larger RPG Community!

2012 Simming Fall Festival: Signs of a Larger RPG Community!

While the community aspect of Starbase 118 is one of the things that we know, and love, there is an even bigger, and more diverse simming community out there. This community, often facilitated by Ongoing Worlds, doesn’t get together too often, but when they do, there is knowledge shared across proverbial borders, opportunities to participate in simming outside of what you may be used to, and fun to be had by all.
This Friday, September 21, 2012, Ongoing Worlds will be holding their second annual Simming Fall Festival. Hosted by the USS Asimov, the Festival will include a number of activities, including feature sims, a few games, and various topical discussions facilitated by members of different simming clubs and groups spread throughout the internet.
A few of the clubs that will be participating include Federation Sim Fleet, Independence Fleet, the USS Asimov, the Star Trek Simulation Forum, Phoenix RP, and your very own Starbase 118.
The opening ceremonies start at 1:45PM Eastern Standard Time, with the host, Johnathan Swift, Captain of the USS Asimov. At 5PM EST, our very own Lieutenant Luran Sorani will be discussing simming character who are not human. There will also be trivia games and sims from a variety of universes (including Star Trek), so make sure to stop by, take part in, and represent Starbase 118 in the 2012 Ongoing Worlds Fall Festival.

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