The Tromu-Vulc

The Tromu-Vulc

Ahh, science fiction.
Lieutenant Commander T’Lea on the USS Aurora is pregnant. Who’s the “father”? None other than her partner, Commander Della Vetri… following these links (and looking at their genders) will illuminate the issue fairly clearly!
Parthenogenesis, or reproduction without sperm, is an interesting issue. Although some technological trickery was involved in the conception of their little quarter Romulan, quarter Vulcan, half Trill, no-doubt-all-crazy child the technology behind such conceptions isn’t so far off even in our own time. Exactly how far off is true parthenogenesis?
According to this article, not that far at all… it seems every day the technology of the 24th century grows less and less distant. Of course, this particular conception was the work of all kinds of technological trickery from Q-like beings, but it just goes to show… anything’s possible in the future!
Interested in seeing how their little terrorist turns out? Check out the sims of the USS Aurora here!

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