The Oddest Jobs in StarFleet IX

The Oddest Jobs in StarFleet IX

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Captain, first officer, chief of security, chief medical officer. These posts, and many more, are staples of every simming ship and installation. But what about the lesser known positions – the intelligence officers, diplomats, and nurses of the fleet? In this series, we’ll examine some of the less traditional posts and the characters and writers behind them.
Fleet Captain Idril Mar, Administrative Officer, Starbase 118
If you open the UFoP: SB118 Complete Personnel Roster and scroll down, you’ll notice the two-PC installation StarBase 118 Admin. Fleet Admiral Wolf serves as its commanding officer, but 118 Admin also features Fleet Captain Idril Mar as its administrative officer. I was curious to know what the position entailed, mostly in character but also out of character, and Jenn, Fleet Captain Mar’s writer, provided me with the answers in this last installment of the first series of odd job articles.
The position of administrative officer directly correlates to Jenn’s OOC position within the group; she said that she “work[s] on letters, [and] officially am the liaison officer in charge of member appeals,” as well as “work[ing] for consensus when others have sometimes widely differing opinions.” But “In character, FltCapt. Mar is somewhat more flexible.”
The flexibility of simming without an assigned ship comes with positives and with negatives. Fleet Captain Mar “officially command[s] USS Achilles, a high-end battlecruiser,  and is Chief of Engineering Operations at Utopia Plantia. I get to hang out with pretty much whoever I want, whenever. I don’t have any simming requirements, so I sim when I feel like it.” The opportunities for simming seem to come mainly in special circumstances. “When I do sim, I’m usually in a coordinating role, assigned by upper-level admirals to hot spots, like the summer blockbuster in 2010, or on leaves, like visiting the Independence for the wedding between two of my former officers. The character building I get is my own, unaffected by anyone else that I don’t contact and ask for input.” The bottom line? “The upside to that is that I get to do what I want, the downside is that I don’t get the opportunity to interact for the better.”

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