The Many Faces of Starfleet Science

The Many Faces of Starfleet Science

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How does one create a science officer’s professional background? Over the past several years, this forum post has attempted to answer that very question. Only two major canon characters have been science officers, and Spock and Jadzia Dax offer some help in the way of clarification: Spock may be assumed to be a general science officer, without a specific focus; but Jadzia held advanced degrees in astrophysics, archaeology, biology, and zoology. Jadzia’s foci can help stimulate the debate, but they also beg the question: Can writers for the UFoP: SB118 RPG create lasting and interesting science officers with specializations?
The range of specializations available to Starfleet science officers is available on the 118 wiki. While the expected and canonical are represented strongly – physics, astronomy, archaeology, biology – the list also includes several options not often encountered, and perhaps some that have been touched neither by PC or NPC. These include meteorology, sexology, and urban studies, among others. Imagine the possibilities! The fluidity of gender in the Trek universe (the Trill, the J’naii, androids, etcetera) could make a science officer with a specialization in sexology an interesting commodity. Or consider a Ferengi meteorologist, or a student of urban studies to determine, once and for all, why all the cities in the Delta Quadrant look the same.
What do you think? Head on over to the Science Exchange Forum today to discuss science specializations, or consider creating an unusual scientist character yourself!

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