The Makings of Great Sci Fi Writing

The Makings of Great Sci Fi Writing

Star Trek is more than just another science fiction series. In fact, some would say that Trek actually helped define the genre. From the early days of Trek, long before the use of CG or computer rendering, viewers and fans were captivated. Was it the thought of travel through the far reaches of space? Was it the technology, which at the time was unfathomable? Or was it something else that built and helped an entire genre grow?
Each time we sit down to write a Starbase 118 sim, we are delving into our own world within the Star Trek realm. Beyond that, we are writing within the science fiction genre, and we all want to put out the very best writing that we can. As such, we need to know just what makes stories like Star Trek so intriguing.
While the advent of computers and the beautiful graphics they are able to render has made the world of sci fi that much more interesting, it is not the graphics that make, or break, good science fiction. On the contrary, good science fiction existed well before these things, so it must be something else. Of course, each of us has an opinion as to what, exactly, makes a good sci fi read, but experienced TimeSplash author Graham Storrs sets forth a few commonly held views.
Knowing what makes good science fiction can really help you improve your sims and the writing that you do within the Star Trek and Starbase 118 world. That’s why you should take just a moment to look over Storrs What are the Ingredients for Great Science Fiction on Tell them you come from the year 2388, and Starfleet sent you.
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