The (Image) Collective: Assimilate Yourself into the Realm of StarBase 118!

The (Image) Collective: Assimilate Yourself into the Realm of StarBase 118!

By using photo manipulation, we are able to put the faces of our characters into Starfleet uniforms in order to make our fantasy world that much more realistic. Now, those members of the fleet who wish to join have a place to share their skills and get input and help from other members who also enjoy creating photos for their characters and ships.
The (Image) Collective is a new team that debuts this month. The goal of the team will be to provide images for any member of the fleet who wants one as well as providing a creative outlet for those who enjoy ‘assimilating’ themselves into the StarBase 118 realm. With so much talent in one place, those who simply have an interest in the creation of such photos can also come to ask questions, get advice, and improve their own photo manipulation skills.
Not only will the team have a place to gather on the StarBase 118 Forums, but they will also have an area of the wiki where they will be able to upload and share some of their best works. There are already officers expressing excitement over the team and what kind of images they will produce.
The idea for the team was conceived by Lt. Commander Kalianna Nicholotti, who enjoys making avatars and signature banners for her crew and any other members of the fleet who ask for one. Those who wish to join should contact her via e-mail, or via YM, kaidasuyuki.

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