Starbase 118 awarded the Platinum Rook Award!

Starbase 118 has been awarded the Platinum Rook Award for having more than fifteen years of excellence in role playing. Formed in June 1994 by Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf, Starbase 118 was a live sim Star Trek role-playing game. Over the last seventeen years, the group has grown exponentially and moved to e-mail based sims.

Very few role-playing organizations can boast about the longevity of their group, and the Total Drama Website decided to recognize Starbase 118 with the Platinum Rook Award for its seventeen years of excellence.

The Total Drama Website was established in 2011 and strives to list the best role-playing groups for all genres for those who love the drama of online role play. Their list contains chat, forum, and e-mail role-playing groups to make it easier for people to connect with other role players around the world.