Species Close-up: Pythron

Species Close-up: Pythron

Conzaneyas Thrax - saviour, father and supreme ruler of the Pythron Nation.

The Pythron are a starfaring, humanoid race from the Pythro star system. While the species has existed for thousands of years, modern Pythron civilization has existed for only about one thousand years, since they developed agricultural practices. The Pythrons quickly achieved space flight and were approached by several extant stellar powers for an alliance of mutual benefit, due in no small part to the mineral richness of their homeworld. While they accepted associate status within the Federation, their faith was greatly shaken when that body failed to protect the Pythron homeworld from invasion during a period the Pythrons refer to as the Dark Times. As such, modern Pythron society is much more highly militarized than that of most other Federation members.
Pythron mythology holds that each original Pythron tribe was created from the feathers that fell from the Winged Spirit while it battled the Fire Demon of the Mountains. Some modern retellings of the tale suggest that the Winged Spirit was in fact a starship, and that the Pythron may in fact be of extraterrestrial origin.
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