Species Close-up: Aurelian

The Aurelian people are a peaceful species that evolved over time from large migratory birds. They have never experience war on their planet and while their first off world contact was not pleasant they were quickly able to correct this problem. They contacted the Vulcans who with the aid of Starfleet put a stop to any possible exploitation that the Orions had been planning. This quick intervention by Federation forces encouraged the Aurelian people to establish positive relations that resulted in their joining the Federation.

While they seldom wear any form of clothing they do use a system of belts and harnesses to hold and carry any equipment they may need. While few of them have ever joined Starfleet, those that have went into the medical, engineering or science fields. They have incredible memories and can remember a lot of data. This is a result of their long history of learning the oral records and history of their tribe and species.

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