Ronin plot summary for February

Ronin plot summary for February

USS RoninThe ongoing negotiations between the Breen and the Romulans at Tyberius VII became increasingly heated, and pushed crew of the USS Ronin to their limits. When a facility containing aid packages was destroyed, Lieutenant Commander Tallis led an away team to investigate. The first batch of evidence pointed to a Romulan device being the cause, but through other evidence a Breen ruse was soon uncovered, one to cast aspersions on the Romulans and drive a wedge between them and the Federation. Back on the ship, the Breen and Romulan representatives made their cases to Captain Turner as the crew worked to develop a way to decode and understand Breen speech. The Breen leader was soon undone when Romulan accusations of a hidden shipyard were confirmed by his own aide, who subsequently defected to the Romulans. She also revealed the location of a Federation hostage and assisted in his rescue… none other than a man long thought killed in action: Major Heath West.
On Stardate: 238802.23 the former crew of the USS Ronin NCC-34523 gathered on their newly commissioned starship, the USS Thunder NCC 70605 to settle into their quarters and get to know their way around the ship. After a briefing concerning their assignment to the Federation Embassy on Duronis II, and routine diagnostics, The Thunder began it’s journey from Deep Space Nine to Duronis II, and now are three days away from their destination.

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