Poll of the Week: The Biggest Stage of ’em All!

This week, Poll of the Week asks you who you think will win Super Bowl 2011! Have you been religiously following the NFL season and backing the Packers or the Steelers? Maybe you’ve never watched a game of American Football in your life, and you don’t get what the hype’s about? Either way, we want to hear from you, so come on down and share your views!

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  1. Isaac Green

    I am an avid football fan, watching religiously throughout the season (pre, regular, and post), and even go into a funky sort of depression on the off season in anticipation of the next season pre-season kick-off.

    I follow three teams: NY Giants, Indianpolis Colts, and Dallas Cowboys (I know, being a Pacific North West-er it’s kinda sick I don’t bow to the Seattle Seahawks… but what can I say?). Never-the-less, none of MY teams made it past the playoffs. Having said that, here’s my take on where I think the SuperBowl is going to go:

    Green Bay (Packers) played a hard season, entering the playoffs in a Wild Card spot with a record for the regular season that was among the middle runners in the league. Aaron Rogers captained his offensive line to victory after victory in the post season, which gave the Packers a spot on the biggest stage in the world.

    Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisburger had his share of controversy, costing him some valuable play time as well as a major hit to his reputation. The team, however, played through and proved to the fans that Big Ben was not the backbone that supported the Steelers victories. Pittsburgh earned their place in the playoffs, and won their spot with four consecutive wins. Champions of the AFC once again, Pittsburgh faces a very challenging Green Bay on February 6th.

    Going purely on the numbers, Pittsburgh shouldn’t have any trouble bringing Green Bay to their knees. But the numbers have proven time and time again to be irrelevant come game time. With cold beer in hand, and a plate full of Lil’ Smokeys and Buffalo Wings, I shall stand before my television and cheer, yell, and maybe even say a thing or two that wouldn’t be appropriate in mixed company as the Champions of the AFC and the NFC meet head to head in grid iron battle…

    Sometimes it’s not about who’s playing the game, but ALL about the game itself.