Poll of the Week: Devious Minds

Poll of the Week: Devious Minds

You’re in a dark room, lit only by a spotlight that shines on your chair, blinding you to the true identity of the figure before you, just as it always does. Even though you know the man is on your side, a single bead of sweat still runs down from your ruler-straight black hairline, over your cranial ridges, and towards your pointed eyebrows. He has a mission for you, one of the utmost importance…
This week, Poll of the Week asks you to switch into your best Tal Shiar or Obsidian Order mindset and tell us how you would set your operatives up to steal secrets from the Federation. Would you surgically alter them, have them pay off a third party to snoop for information, or would you take matters into your own hands and fly a cloaked ship into enemy territory? Maybe you have an even more devious plan! We’d like to hear what it is, so come on down, cackle like a Bond villian and unleash your devious side!

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