Ops plot summary for October

Ops plot summary for October

With the discovery of a rare mineral on a planet inside the Neutral Zone, the USS Victory NCC-362447 made its way to the neutral zone between Klingon and Romulan space to keep the peace while diplomatic talks proceed on Starbase 118. The delegates begag to arrive, each with their own agenda and their own secrets. As they meet, another group of ‘delegates’ meet in order to do business, procuring weapons and ships for a movement yet to be made known to the powers that be.
Meanwhile, the Victory arrives on station at the planet Thracia II to find multiple cloaked ships. Just after making contact with one of them, a Romulan science vessel, a Klingon ship decloaks and the Victory suffers a malfunction that brings down their shields. With nothing to protect them from any aggression or threat posed by the other ships in the vicinity of the planet, the crew has now begun to work feverishly towards bringing systems back online without letting the other ships figuring out the Victory was in trouble.
Now, they can only hope that the diplomatic talks hurry so that the situation is resolved before violence breaks out.
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