Missions Possible: Help Spread the Word About Starbase 118!

Missions Possible: Help Spread the Word About Starbase 118!

With the new year, and the new Star Trek movie, quickly closing in on us, Starbase 118 has a unique opportunity to spread the word and bring in plenty of new members to our Fleet. The problem is, many people don’t know quite what to do to help gain the following needed to build a really big online presence. Thankfully, the Publicity team has made this task easy and quick for everyone in the Fleet to participate in. Rather than having to join the team to help spread the word of our awesome Star Trek RPG, you can simply join the movement by completing one or more of the new ‘Missions Possible.’
The Missions Possible project is the result of plenty of brainstorming and a bit of organization by members of the official SB118 Publicity team. With the end goal being to build social buzz that helps to not only grow our authority on the Web, but our player base as well, the Publicity team decided that it would be best to enlist the help of the rest of the Fleet. Without having to commit to any long term projects, each and every player from Ensign to Admiral can do something that will help to bring in more players to our group. And more players means more ships, more promotions, and in the end, more fun!
There are a variety of different Missions Possible to choose from. You can do something as simple as liking our Facebook page, retweeting one of our official tweets, or voting for our site on RPG Gateway, or you can do something a bit more time intensive such as referring a friend or family member to the group. Throughout the year, new and different Missions will be posted in the Publicity forum, where members of the Fleet can go to see just how they can help. Each Mission comes complete with step by step instructions which makes it super simple to get involved even if you only have a couple of minutes to do so.
The members of our Fleet is one of the driving forces behind our greatness. Without our members, there is no group. It’s important that we use this opportunity, when the spotlight is shined on the realm of Star Trek once more, to gain traction is a world dominated by social media and online advertising. Please take a moment to check out the different Missions Possible and help us make this year one of the best years for recruiting yet!
Visit the Publicity Team forum to see what Missions Possible are going on now!

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