Michael & Denise Okuda Q&A Session – Questions Needed!

Michael & Denise Okuda Q&ALt.JG Arielle Teagan from the USS Constitution-B has secured Michael and Denise Okuda, the wondrous designers of most things Star Trek, to answer some questions for us! We have just under two weeks to submit questions for their glorious selves to answer for us and would love everyone’s contributions to the project. Obviously, if we get 30 questions submitted, we can’t send all of them so the best will be chosen by vote to make this fair for everyone involved.

Everyone is welcome to participate and we’d love for at least one question from every active vessel. This is a rare opportunity to get that burning question about Trek to be answered by the designers themselves!

Please hop over to the forums and submit your question (or questions). As stated, we have just under two weeks to get the questions submitted!