Killing Repetition in Your Sims

Killing Repetition in Your Sims

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to do in a sim is make it interesting to those who will soon be reading it. We each have our own approach to the story, and we each see something just slightly different from every other writer on our ship. At the same time, we have to mesh the stories together and provide new and unique insight in each sim we write so that the story only gets more intriguing and interesting to read.
There are many tactics that you can use to make your StarBase 118 sims better and more interesting to read. Some writers choose to make use of descriptive imagery that very plainly paints a picture for everyone to see. Other people choose to invoke conversation with other officers around the ship. But one thing that we should all do is kill the repetition in our sims.
Flow is a vital part of a good sim, and maintaining the flow can sometimes be difficult. However, if you work to remove the phrases and words that you repeat often in a sim, and instead replace them with other phrases or differing words, you can improve the quality of any sim in a very small amount of time. What’s this mean for the big picture? Better sims, more enthusiastic simming, and a deeper, more interesting plot.
There are some words that come up over and over again inevitably. That’s why Angus Kidman of Lifehacker compiled this list of Five Commonly Repeated Words to Hunt Down in Your Writing. And of course, they aren’t all words! He even touches on the overuse of semi colons and sentences that are much longer than they have any right to be.
So if you’re looking for another way to improve your simming, head on over to Lifehacker and check it out.
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