Improving Your Writing Skills

Improving Your Writing Skills

With the bulk of the interaction within Starbase 118 being based in the world of text, it is no mystery why we all want to improve our writing skills whenever we can. By learning about the little details that are nestled throughout the English language, we are able to create nothing less than a masterpiece for our crew mates to read. Still, there is no point where improvement is no longer needed; even the best writers will be fast to tell you that learning is a process, not a destination.
As such, finding new avenues of knowledge that can help Fleet members improve their skills so that the entire game improves is quite important. This week, the avenue of learning is located on the Lifehacker blog, where Writing Week takes center stage in their Top 10 Tips for Better Writing. From activities that should be looked at before you begin, to finding the perfect way to end your text, these tips are not only easy to integrate into your writing routine, but they can make a world of difference.
We all love writing, especially in a world as rich and as deep as that created by Gene Roddenberry. Where there are few boundaries, your creativity can take you, and all of your crew mates, to a new level. Make sure that you are ready to join the party by always learning something new and continually improving the one skill we all use most; the writing skill.
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