Help Spread the Word of Our Redesigned Site!

Help Spread the Word of Our Redesigned Site!

Back in the older days of the internet, before Web 2.0 became mainstream, seeing webrings and website awards was commonplace. Though the face of the Web has changed over the years, some of these awards still persist. What’s more, some have been redesigned and even created from the ground up to offer new sites the ability to get these awards.
With the redesign of our own site,, we bring ourselves in line with the latest and greatest internet trends that will not only provide a better experience for visitors and users, but will help make it easier to bring in the visitors and prospective members that keep our group alive. Now that we have gotten the new site settled, it’s time to start spreading the word in force.
One of the best ways to spread the word is still by submitting the site to various different awards programs that provide both authority and recognition to websites within a certain niche. Now, as we begin our search for such programs, we are asking for volunteers throughout the fleet to help us dig through the net in order to locate awards programs and sites where we can show off our stuff. There are many categories of such programs that we could fit into, including RPG, Fanfic, and of course, Star Trek.
For more details and to help us as we spread the word, head on over to the forums today:

We are a star trek roleplaying game

We are a free, fun, and friendly community of Star Trek fans who write collaborative fiction together. It’s easy to join – we’ll teach you everything you need to know!

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