Forums Roundup: September 2011

Forums Roundup: September 2011

August sure went fast, didn’t it? Here we are, already facing September, and all of the opportunities that the new month will bring. Speaking of opportunities, have you had a chance to visit the Starbase 118 Forums recently? No? Well, you’re missing out! The forums are a hub of activity, especially as new members join and get acquainted with their ships. Of course, the more the merrier, so come take part in one of these great threads today.
Many of us sim to music. While the tunes might be different from one person to the next, the fact that many of us find music helpful to the writing process is a pretty cool event. Come find out what your fellow fleet members are listening to, and share a choice of your own:
The July/August 2011 edition of the fleetwide writing challenge is officially over and the winner has been announced. Find out who wrote the best entry!
How do you play your position? Sometimes, it can be helpful and insightful to learn about how other writers play the same duty post as you do. Head on over to the Duty Post forums and share some tricks of the trade with your fellow officers:
Have a few extra minutes? Want to help the Fleet OOC’ly? Check out the Volunteer’s Corner and see what kinds of little jobs you can take care of for Starbase 118:
Is your ship participating in the Summer Blockbuster this year? You can find the latest news and status reports from the ships of the fleet who did participate here:
And there’s always so much more! Head on over to the Starbase 118 Forums today and get into the conversation!
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