Forums Roundup: December 2011

Forums Roundup: December 2011

Time always seems to run by much faster when you have the holiday’s breathing down your neck. From family dinners to the biggest (and most violent) shopping days of the year, time just slips away without much notice from us. Here on the Forums at Starbase 118, this effect is no different. The year went by so fast and we are already nearing the annual awards ceremony, the naming of the years top sim, and much more.
Here’s just a sample of the things going on this month on the Starbase 118 Forums:
Vote for the best sim of the year. There are three runoff rounds, so make sure to vote in each. Once each round has a winner, the three remaining sims will battle for the top position and the fame that comes with it:
Would you like to participate in a live sim during the next monthly fleet chat? Weigh in here and see what other members of the fleet are saying:
Want something to do that will not only allow you to shine but will connect you OOC with other members of the fleet? Check out the many teams and groups that work diligently behind the scenes to make Starbase 118 what it is today:
Help spread the word about our great group! We currently are looking for some web based awards that our newly redesigned site might be eligible for. If you know of one, or you simply want to look at the details of our new charge, visit the Volunteer’s Corner:
And don’t forget your ship boards too! There are often games and enjoyable OOC discussions going on there that will only get you closer to your crew mates.
With the holiday’s right around the corner, time seems to fly by. Still, may each and every one of you be able to stop for just a moment and enjoy the holidays, the cheer that they bring, and the warmth of your family this holiday season.

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