Forums Roundup: August 2011

Forums Roundup: August 2011

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With a community this large, having a place to go in order to share information, have fun, play games, and learn about other members of the fleet is important. The forums are a big part of what makes us a fleet rather than just a group of individual ships, and while there are ship specific forum boards, there are plenty of fleet-wide conversations that you too can get involved with today. From an area to showcase your writing skills in front of the entire fleet, to a game room where you can go just to hang out, the Starbase 118 Forums are quite the happening place!
Here is an update of what is going on around the forums as we get into a new month. Take a look and see just what kind of trouble you can get into!
Writers have until August 27th if they want to participate in this round of the Writing Challenge. This time, the topic is ‘Fortune’. Last period, there were quite a few entries, and the judges are looking forward to more great writing this time around. Those interested in submitting an entry can find the information here:
Read any good sims lately? Only the best sims in the Fleet make it to the Top Sims Contest, where Starbase 118 members can read, and vote on the very best of the best. For each round, one sim is chosen to go on to compete for the the best sim of the year, so head on over and enjoy the best that our members have to offer:
We each sim our characters differently, but it can be fun and insightful to connect with officers in similar positions across the fleet. That’s the very reason why we have a special Duty Post forum for our members to connect, share, and learn from each other. Check out what’s going on in your realm at:
Members of Starbase 118 come from all over the world, but they all have one thing in common; they like to have fun! That’s why there is a special place on our forums just for fun and games; a place where you can laugh and enjoy the company of officers from around the Fleet. Head on over to our Games forum and join in the fun:
Each week, Starbase 118 members enjoy a new and different poll set up by our very own Commander Rhul. Let your opinion be heard! Take part in the latest Poll of the Week here:
And so much more! But our forums just aren’t as much fun without you! So take just a minute and check them out. You won’t be sorry you did!

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