Five Ways to Really Improve Your Writing Skills

Five Ways to Really Improve Your Writing Skills

If there is one thing we do a lot of here on Starbase 118, it’s writing. By weaving together long strands of words, each one of us is able to contribute to the collaborative effort that goes into each day, each mission, and each ship. Without words, our characters, and the worlds we’ve created around them are nothing more than thoughts fluttering through our minds.
So it is to our writing, and our skill with it, that we are in debt. Without words in their written form, there would be no world to sim in, yet words can be mighty confusing at the same time. Perhaps this is why we are always looking for new and better ways to improve what we write, how we write it, and in which manner we weave it together with the same input from others involved. From the mysteries of Alpha Eridani, to the secrets still held in deep space, our stories and our ships depend on our writing skills, so why not take every chance possible to improve them.
That is just what Rob Siders, via Problogger, wants to help us do, too. This veteran writer, with experience in technical writing, fiction writing, and personal writing, sets out five very good strategies that can help us hone and improve our writing skills without much effort or time at all. While some of our writers may already be aware of these strategies, I’m sure that plenty of us can benefit from them as well.
So if you have moment to spare, head on over to Problogger and check out Rob Siders Five Killer Ways to Improve Your Writing Now. You’ll be glad you did!
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