Facing Down Writer’s Block

Facing Down Writer’s Block

Writing for the Starbase 118 Fleet is not something that you can often do on a whim. Like all good writers, lots of time, energy, creativity, and thought. All of these aspects must flow in order for a good story to coalesce, but more often than not, we often find one, or more, of these streams blocked.
When this happens, we suffer from a condition known as writer’s block.
Have you ever sat down to write up a sim, but no matter how hard you try to concentrate and make something work, nothing seems to fall in place? What about those times where you simply cannot come up with anything you feel is a worthy contribution to the plot flow? These are just a few examples of writer’s block, and you can easily see why the condition interferes so much. Without the ability to write, we are unable to participate in the flow of the story on our ships, which can lead to the overwhelming task of catching up to everyone once you are able to write again.
It’s easy to see why no one likes it when writer’s block comes knocking, but what do you do when you are suffering from the dreaded condition? The St. Cloud State University has created a short, but very effective list of approaches that can help you overcome writer’s block. It only takes a moment to put your train of thought onto another track. Take a moment and look over this list to see if you can break through your blocked creativity and get back to the business of writing again.
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