Discovery plot summary for October

Discovery plot summary for October

Ronin Class ShipReturning from shore leave and the wedding of Captain Waltas and Commander Redstone, the crew was informed of bad news just after leaving the Briar Patch. Upon return, they were alerted to a familiar ghost from their past-a rogue bomber that had planted explosive devices throughout the ship. While the USS Achilles arrived to evacuate the Discovery, the senior staff set out to track down the bomber and save the ship. Unfortunately, one of the devices detonated, cripping Discovery and nearly killing Lieutenant Rogg. The bomber was finally contained, but the report could not be denied-the Ronin-class had some definite design flaws and vulnerable areas. Admiral T’Reyn ordered Discovery-B’s decommissioning and Captain Waltas and his crew returned to DS-285 facing an uncertain future. Arriving back at the station, the crew was to be taken to the new ship bearing her name, but had no illusions considering the loss of the Discovery-B and the prejudice of the Admiral that had ordered it. As it had so many times in the past, fate intervened, and another familiar face made themselves known. Admiral Samuelson pulled some strings, and the Achilles rose over DS-285’s bulk to reveal the shipyard beyond-and a new Sovereign-class ship bearing the name USS DISCOVERY within. The crew eagerly took possession of the new “Lady” and are currently on a shakedown cruise. The crew is also holding a Halloween party to blow off some steam and prepare for the next mission.
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