Discovery plot summary for July

Ronin Class ShipAfter defeating the dreaded Cenarius and his allies, the crew of Discovery brokered peace between the two remaining factions. A human known as Marcus stepped forward and agreed to act as an Ambassador to Starfleet for the Reman people. Through the darkness of Cenarius’ actions, there is the light of hope, and understanding. With Captain Waltas’ report as well as Marcus’s own testimony, the galaxy may yet come to understand the bizarre lifestyle and beliefs of a people once reviled by Human and Romulan alike. With the nightmare mission behind them, the Discovery is headed for Ba’ku for a much-needed shore leave and a wedding, as Captain Waltas and Commander Redstone will finally tie the knot under the supervision of Captain McCall. All is not well, however; Commander Anders, suffering from the vampiric touch of the Remans, had a reaction to the antidote and lost her memory-including the relationship she held with First Officer Mitchell. As the couple prepares to say goodbye to their past, the rest of the crew must wrestle with their own demons, spawned from the mission, the aftermath, or their past. The welcoming radiation of Ba’ku awaits them.

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