Discovery plot summary for February

Discovery plot summary for February

Ronin Class ShipThe crew of Discovery is in a fight for their lives! Unearthing an ancient evil rooted in 15th-century Earth, they have encountered Remans who exhibit super-human characteristics, drink blood, and seem to have a terrible power over all those they encounter. The Captain’s daughter, Chief Helm Officer and a child have already fallen victim to Cenarius, Lord of the Orcus sect, as he extends his dark reach to envelop DISCOVERY. The crew is struggling to overcome not only their adversary, but their disbelief as their foe has survived forcefields, phasers set to kill, and bladed weapons. With his family and crew in jeapordy, Captain Waltas was forced to turn command of Discovery over to the now-turned Lt. Commander Anders, and the ship lurches towards an uncertain future, headed to the world where the Orcus sect has made its home. The crew has retaken the bridge and driven Cenarius to the surface, but the question remains-can they solve a 1,000 year mystery, rescue their comrades, and maintain their sanity?

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