Constitution plot summary for May

The USS Constitution-B crew arrived at Risa for two weeks of Rest & Relaxation. However, upon arrival at Risa, the Romulan Commander Berek’sil committed suicide. The suicide is being investigate by Lt. T’Pen and her security team, as our guest showed no sign of wanting to end his life. As yet no leads are presenting themselves in the investigation, but unknown to anyone the Romulan Commander was secretly visited by 2nd Lt. Sten just before his death. Sten wanted to make sure the Commander had no secret knowledge of his convert operations. Whether Sten put the suicidal thought into Betek’sil head to keep an even darker secret hidden is yet to be determined.

With the crew rested after their stay on Risa a new mission is about to begin. Major Quon Jiao-zhi of SAR Ops has ordered the ship and crew to search for the USS Nimitz, which has gone missing after being assigned to discover why the mining colony of Dusters Range went silent a few weeks ago. As this report goes to print the Constitution has arrived at Duster’s Range and LtCmdr. David Whale is leading a team down to the colony to look into what has happened.