Congratulations Della Vetri!

Captain Della VetriToday, we congratulate Della Vetri on her promotion to the rank of Captain! She has officially completed her Captaincy Exam requirements, and her promotion has been approved by members of the Executive Council. Della has been a member since 2008, when she joined StarBase 118 Ops under the command of Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh. She later served on the Indria, and the Constitution. Della began her Captaincy Exam aboard the USS Aurora with a crew assembled from members of each ship in the fleet, a ship launching tactic that was standard in years past, but had recently not been used. She has served as a faithful member of the Training Team even after her completing her requirements for promotion there, and was awarded the Boothby Award for her efforts on that team. She and her crew will remain aboard the USS Aurora for the near future. We look forward to hearing more about the adventures of the Aurora and her newly-promoted Captain, Della Vetri!

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  1. Eerie

    Great job captain.