Challenger plot summary for March

USS ChallengerHaving finished our mission inside the Romulan Empire, after the explosion of the Hobus star, we returned to DS-24. Lt. Parker was brought up on charges but given a stiff warning. After Lt. Parker started a relationship with LtJG Maya Gemini, they also celebrated in the Lower Deck bar. This resulted in Gemini getting in a fight with a Klingon female and Parker’s ex-girlfriend showed up. Tensions rose. New crew arrived and Captain Frazier stepped down, resulting in Cmdr. Tel-ar being made acting Captain. They were given a new mission to assist the Klingons with the Xarantine and they left DS-24 for the Klingon Empire. The crew were reorganized and Major Fracis deMarc returned to active duty from a long LOA. We are now on our way to the mission.