Aurora plot summary for October

Aurora plot summary for October

With a selection of terrorist threats and sabotage to the ship dealt with, the crew of the USS Aurora left the Farius system behind to head for the Utopia Planitia shipyards in the Sol system – at least partly so that SCE could take a look at what had happened to the ship and try and work out how to fix the more tenacious problems inflicted on it’s computer system.
Given that the ship was likely to be out of action for a short while, it seemed like a good time for a little shore leave, something that was kicked off by a gathering in one of the station’s holodecks that included a visit from an admiral, there to bestow Cmdr. Della Vetri’s promotion to Captain, an event echoed by the rise in rank of a number of the crew’s other officers as well.
It was also at this ceremony that the crew received a large, and to many surprising, bit of news – wherever they were heading next, they wouldn’t be taking the Aurora with them. Instead, the crew was being transferred en-mass to the USS Avandar, a newly commissioned Luna-class explorer that would serve as their new home.
The Avandar wasn’t quite ready to launch though, and the plans for shore leave weren’t put on hold. Well deserving of a break after the stresses of the last couple of missions, the crew took the chance to unwind with at least one major party on Earth…
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