Aurora plot summary for March

Aurora plot summary for March

The USS Aurora was investigating some exotic radiation levels near the Romulan Neutral Zone when an space anomaly engulfed the ship, driving it to 750 light years on the other side of the Romulan Star Empire. The ship received some damage but nothing too serious that the repair teams and medical team couldn’t handle. When recovering the sensor capability, the crew discovered a D7 Romulan ship floating in space, apparently without energy or living signatures. Having in count that the D7 class was last produced more than 200 years ago, it’s worth investigating, so an away team was sent in a shuttle due some damage on the transporters. After an easy ride, the doors of the Romulan ship opened and once inside they’re received by a group of Romulans who’s leader was named Lakacl. After an offer to repair the ventilation system of the ship and some diplomatic talks, the Elder Lakacl accepted to interview with Captain Vetri on the Aurora while the away team remained on the Romulan ship.

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