Aurora Plot Summary for August

Whilst a covert infiltration team makes their way to Farius Prime to try and dig up what they can on Scarlet Brotherhood operations based there, the crew aboard the USS Aurora find themselves having to deal with a member of the self-same group who has managed to infiltrate their vessel from the Orion freighter they had secured.

A hostage situation in Engineering ends with a number of minor injuries to the crew and a Bajoran terrorist left to regain consciousness in the brig. With that little interruption dealt with, they get under way for Farius Prime themselves, with the science and engineering teams cooking up a stealthed probe intended to give the away team a little extra support without announcing the presence of Starfleet in the system.

Meanwhile, the away team successfully makes contact with the Bajorans they are seeking, though it takes a certain amount of fast-talking to get the terrorists to accept the disguises and cover identities the team have put together. Now all they need to do is get some intel on what the Brotherhood are planning next in their attempts to destabilize Bajor’s entry to the Federation – something made perhaps a little trickier by the Orion slave of the terrorist leader who is far less taken in by their act…


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